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© Brian K. Hull

2009 BriAnimations


Puppet Show

Theatrical Tour




Performed by Brian Hull and Tracy Silverman



Concept by Reese Faw


Theatrical Musical Event



Master Puppeteer, Brian Hull, deftly manipulates marionette and hand-and-rod puppet versions

of master artists including van Gogh, Picasso, and Michelangelo, as they create their



Tracy Silverman performs original pieces with his instantly recognizable trademark sound on

electric violin and keyboards. “Starry Night”, “Guernica,” “The David” and other masterpieces are

created live onstage in this sophisticated performance-style multimedia theatrical event.


With searing virtuosity and profound artistry Brian and Tracy essentially defeat preconceived

ideas about puppets and violins in this historically significant work in which classic and modern art

are illuminated in live performance puppetry, music, art and poetry.  The show culminates as

Mona Lisa’s face is painted live in full view of the audience in a dynamic crescendo of music.




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Script and concept – Reese Faw, Brian Hull, Tracy Silverman


Tracy Silverman – Violin, Keyboards


Brian Hull – Puppeteer and vocals


Assistant puppeteer – Mary Tanner Bailey


Music and lyrics composed by Tracy Silverman, recorded and mixed at GutLab South by Tracy Silverman


Puppet Designs – Brian Hull


Marionette construction – Adrian Rose, Mary Tanner Bailey, Brian Hull


Marionette Costume construction – Jennifer Kleine


Marionette Control construction – Pete Carden


Key Makeup/Hair – Mary Beth Felts  


FILMED BY PROTOTYPE MEDIA - Chris Conner, Director

Nashville, TN


MASTERS set built by:


Dave Patton – Producer

Eric Cardwell – Construction


Filmed at Northstar Studios, Nashville, TN


BriAnimations™ Productions

Living Entertainment




Brian Hull- Creator/Writer/Producer/Director

Donna Hollie-Executive Producer

Reese Faw-Executive Producer

Valerie Knust – Executive Legal Affairs



Tracy Silverman is an ArtistShare recording artist. Thanks to Thomastik strings.


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